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BSc (Alexandria University, Egypt) MAppSc; PhD (RMIT-University, Australia)

  • Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

  • Associate Director (Molecular & Cell Biology Research groups & School Administration)

Dr El-Nezami is Associate Professor at the School of Biological Sciences. After Dr El-Nezami obtained his MSc & PhD in Applied and Nutritional Toxicology from RMIT-University (Melbourne, Australia), he moved to the University of Eastern Finland (previously known as University of Kuopio) where he established a research programme investigating human exposure to food toxins with special focus on mycotoxins in developing countries. 


The programme later extended to investigate dietary approaches to counteract the health hazards associated with exposure to food toxins. In recognition of his research excellence Dr El-Nezami was awarded the prestigious Academy of Finland Fellowship. Dr El-Nezami holds an adjunct Professor post at the University of Turku and University of Eastern Finland (Finland). Dr El-Nezami is a registered Toxicologist at EUROTOX and is full member of the Society of Toxicology (SOT, USA).

The Team

Our team of researchers are making important discoveries in our area of focus. While everyone is working in their particular field, our collaborative Research Lab means that we are all working towards a common goal. Read on to find out more.


Dr. Emily Kwun Kwan LO
BSc Hon (HKU), PhD (HKU)

Postdoctoral researcher

Research area: Microbiota and its contribution to gut health

PHOTO-2022-08-25-15-17-49 2_edited.png

Marsena Jasiel ISMAIAH
BSc Hon (HKU)

PhD candidate

Research topic: The influence of selective metabolites on non alcoholic liver disease (NAFLD) development

Hoi Kit Matthew LEUNG
BSc Hon (HKU)

PhD candidate

Research topic: The influence of natural compounds on colon cancer development


Yves, Fang Fei ZHANG
BSc (HZAU), BSc Hon (UOB), MSc (HKU)

PhD candidate

Research topic: The influence of probiotic on liver diseases development


BSc (Hon) (HKU)

PhD student

Research topic: The influence of selective metabolites on liver diseases development


Koei Ho Lam CHEUNG
BSc (Hon) (HKU)

Research Assistant

Research topic: Toxicological screening


Our Technician

Yvonne Chung

Our alumni

Dr. Sharon, Shu Yuan WANG (2022)
Dr. Vanessa Anna CO (2022)
Dr. Stephanie Sik Yu SO (2020)
Dr. Zuzanna Maria KUNDI (2020)
Dr. Vivian Wing Lam POON (2019)
Dr. Dalal ALGHAWAS (2018)
Dr. Jonathan See Han LAU (2018)
Dr. Murphy Lam Yim WAN (2017)
Dr. Alec Eng Dar KOR (2017)
Miss. Shirley Zhi Jian CHEN (2017)
Dr. Cecilia Ying Ju SUNG (2016)
Dr.  Victoria Ho Yee WONG (2015)
Dr. Adrian Shu Cheung YAN (2015)
Dr. Soda Ka Yiu YIP (2015)
Dr. Fiona Long Yan FONG (2013)
Dr. Carol Yee Kwan CHAN (2012)
Dr. Jackson Chit Shing WOO (2012)

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